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The New Normal - What will it look like?

Welcome to our second newsletter where the world has changed in a way that few of us could have imagined. Up until now it had been our busiest year in 15 years, but that is going to change, as it is for most people. How will it affect our market? We think just as in the past New Zealand's distance from the rest of the world was an issue, that has changed radically in the last decade and has now become a positive, particularly now with COVID - 19. We think the same holds true for the Far North. It's sought after qualities are its abundant natural resources, plenty of fresh air, and space to spare - Social Distancing is very easy to achieve up here. There is no place we would rather be than in NZ, and particularly in the Far North to ride out this Global Pandemic. 

Also during this time, we think a lot of people will have come face to face with their debt burden. So selling property in the main centres and buying up here is going to look very attractive, especially now a lot of businesses have had to find a way for their employees to work remotely. We think a lot of people are not going to want to go back into commuting to and from work, so we will see more and more people who choose to work remotely. This is already a growing market in our area. We think the businesses that are going to come through this are the ones who are willing to find a new way of working, be more flexible, and open to at least some of their people working remotely and therefore more safely in this current environment.

What does this mean for you whether you are buying or selling a property. We are able to show and list properties under Alert Level 3, and are waiting for the details around what will be required of us. We are taking appointments, so feel free to call us and discuss your needs.

Take care in these difficult times. Something we really appreciate about NZ'ers, is their ability to pull together and support the community around them. It is heartening to see all the ways this is happening, people reaching out to support each other in these unprecedented times.