So what can you expect from us

After nearly 15 years of leading a very successful Real Estate Company in the Far North, with Michael consistently in the top 2% and 10% of the Professionals Group Nationwide, we have decided to start up a new independent Real Estate Company and do something very boutique and very special. Here is what you will experience:

  • People who are truly engaged in your dreams, with what is often the biggest investment you make. We understand it backward and sideways.
  • We are straight shooters. You will fully understand the current state of the market. We will listen to you, and deliver a smart marketing package suited to your property and needs.
  • You will not spend unnecessarily. We have found our own proven methods of what sells property at the right price without throwing money at all sorts of ineffective marketing designed to promote the Real Estate Company, not the Property.
  • We know how to solve problems. Often in a sale/purchase something pops up. No one saw it coming, but we have seen and done everything, and we know all the right people at the top of their game who can help.
  • We have invested heavily in our own development. All our team have worked with international marketing, sales, business and personal mentors. We continue to grow and develop our own skills globally as well as locally.
  • We understand what the internet has done for Real Estate. It’s not just listing on line and social media. It’s so much more.
  • You can often spend a lot less than you expect to prepare your property for sale. We are more than happy to work with you pre-sale to walk through your property and discuss what is important to do, and what isn’t. We are there to save you money.