Mangonui Harbour


Post Lockdown Lifestyle Changes

After lockdown we certainly came out of the gate a lot busier than we expected. It seems during lockdown a lot of people had time to reflect on their lives, and decide to live life differently.

Many people also experienced working from home, and a high percentage do not want to go back to working full time in an office. This has gone hand in hand with house changes, for some people they want more space around them, and are looking at lifestyle properties or simply having a good sized section. For others it is quitting debt, and making their future more financially viable, with the ability to weather the inevitable future financial storms. So that has meant a lot of activity for us. The only thing that is going to slow down the market is a shortage of listings as we have more people moving to the area, and not everyone wants to build. We still have a lot of NZ’ers moving back to NZ, and not as you would expect all moving to the cities. A high percentage of them are moving to the regions for lifestyle and financial reasons.

Globally NZ is seen as a very attractive place to live and work from, with the ongoing pandemic crisis and subsequent global financial crisis. With High speed fibre being rolled out in our area, ready to go live in October, our area looks a very attractive place to work and live, with a number of companies now encouraging their employees to work from home. We are experiencing a positive in flow of people moving to the area.