Mangonui Wharf

Demand is Strong

Despite COVID restrictions, demand for property remains strong in the Far North. People from all over NZ are wanting to move here, as are many recent returnees from overseas. Our climate is obviously a key attraction, but the overriding factor for most is a desire to improve their lifestyle — to enjoy more space, less debt, and a better quality of life. 

This year, the way we live and do business as a nation has fundamentally changed. Working from home is becoming the new normal. Businesses who never thought they needed an online presence were forced to quickly adapt, and many have now realised their businesses function just as well (if not better) under this new model. Even some businesses that still predominantly rely on face-to-face contact have evolved to reach their customers via virtual conferencing — expanding their potential reach throughout the country and the world. The Coronavirus crisis didn't create these trends but it definitely accelerated them, by forcing businesses to make 10 years worth of changes in less than a year. 

All of this is great news for people who want to work remotely and choose a better lifestyle. Many decided to move immediately, and countless more are planning to transition over the next few years. And with international vacations off the cards for some time, lots of Kiwi families are instead choosing to purchase a holiday home right here in NZ. All of these trends contribute to increased demand for property in our area. Interest is so strong, in fact, that more and more properties are being bought sight unseen, thanks to video tours and FaceTime walkthroughs. In other words: if you've been thinking about listing your property, there's seldom been a better time to do so.